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Robocup Junior Rescue Simulation Platform




the game manager panel which controls the server and scoreboard


  • floor_white.ttm
  • floor_white_tiled.ttm
  • infiniteFloor.ttm
  • resizable floor 1-5 meters.ttm
  • resizable floor 25-100 meters.ttm
  • resizable floor 5-25 meters.ttm


  • maze_1.ttm
    • a mazed model with the shaoe of a human brain
  • maze_2.ttm
    • a circle maze
  • maze_3.ttm
    • a smiley maze which also has been used in major virtual rescue


  • heavy
    • blue, green, red, white, yellow,
      • unmovable boxes
  • light
    • blue, green, red, white, yellow,
      • movable boxes


  • simplus_e-puck.ttm
    • the e-puck modeled in CoppeliaSim with monitoring and controlling GUI.
    • the e-puck proximity max sensor range is 0.5 m. The proximity sensor return the distance between the robot and the obstacle.
    • the e-puck can move by setting the linear and angular speed. The linear speed is in range of (0,0.5) and the angular speed is in range of (0,1). ex: 0.5 means 90 degree and 1 means 180 degree.


  • speed_bump.ttm
    • a small speed bump model; the robot speed will be reduced while the robot is moving on this tile
  • tile_black.ttm, tile_blue.ttm, tile_green.ttm, tile_red.ttm, tile_silver.ttm, checkpoint_tile.ttm, hole_tile.ttm, start_tile.ttm
    • different tiles are modeled with different rules such as checkpoints, traps, or any other rules for penalties or scores.


  • Victim_H_big.ttm, Victim_H_small.ttm, Victim_S._big.ttm, Victim_S_small.ttm, Victim_U_big.ttm, & Victim_U_small.ttm
    • H, U, & S markers are defined in order to cover rescue maze victims.
  • Victim_lying.ttm, Victim_sitting.ttm, Victim_standing.ttm, Victim_walking.ttm
    • Four human victim model similar to the ones in virtual rescue majors.
  • Victim_ball_light_cyan.ttm, Victim_ball_light_pink.ttm, Victim_ball_light_red.ttm
    • Three ball victim model that the robot can move them.
  • Victim_ball_heavy_cyan.ttm, Victim_ball__heavy_pink.ttm, Victim_ball__heavy_red.ttm
    • Three ball victim model that the robot can not move them.


walls with different shapes and sizes are modeled.

  • 10cm high walls
    • L wall.ttm, T wall.ttm, X wall.ttm, pillar 5cm.ttm, wall 12cm.ttm, wall 25cm.ttm, wall 2cm.ttm, wall 50cm.ttm, wall end.ttm
  • 20cm high walls
    • L wall.ttm, T wall.ttm, X wall.ttm, pillar 10cm.ttm, wall end.ttm, wall section 100cm.ttm, wall section 25cm.ttm, wall section 50cm.ttm, wall section 5cm.ttm

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