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Robocup Junior Rescue Simulation Platform

New Competition world

New Competition world

New Competition world

Designing a new World

First of all, remember that if you want to use your own world model, you can just click on the “Play button/start simulation button” and only do the “run” steps of setup and run the tutorial page.

Open the CoppeliaSim

If your simulator is up and running using the “start simulation” button(simplus panel), you can skip this section. In the “simplus_vrep” directory you will have a folder with a name like “CoppeliaSim_…” open that folder and double-click on the “CoppeliaSim” file.

Create a new Scene

World models are called Scenes in the simulator. Click on File-> New Scene

Open Model browser

If you already see the green box skip this step, otherwise click on the Model browser icon(red box). If you still can not see the “Simplus” folder in green box, open your simulator using the “world setup”(running the “simulator_v4” file) instruction and repeat the previous steps.

Design Maze

Simplus already provided some Maze, Wall, obstacle models and you are free to use any of them to design your own Maze. In order to use each model you just have to drag and drop it from the left bar(red box) to the scene on the right. In order to see the models list you can click on the “Simplus” directory in the “Model Browser” tab. The “Simplus” directory contains 8 subdirectories(debris, floors, obstacles,..) and by clicking on each subdirectory you can find more models in them. You can find more information on the Models tutorial page.

Game manager and Robot

Each simplus world should contain the Robot model and game manager. The game manager could be found by clicking on “simplus” directory and then scrolling in the menu below it. Drag and drop it on the scene. The robot could be found by clicking on “robots” which is a subdirectory of “simplus” directory. Drag and drop it on the scene.

Save and Open worlds

Use the File-> Save Scene as  in order to save your world. You can open your world file whenever you want using File-> Open Scene 

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