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Robocup Junior Rescue Simulation Platform

Troubleshoot Setup and Run – Windows

Troubleshoot Setup and Run – Windows

Troubleshoot Setup and Run – Windows


In order to have a better understanding of how the installation and running are performed, we have provided a demo. Please have a look at the following video:

The setup is based on the Server/Client approach:

  • The Game Manager & the Robot Controlling Code are placed in different files by a Client/Server scenario and the connection is based on ports that make it suitable for competition.
  • Since this approach uses ports to communicate, and several ports might be left open by the previously ran programs, it is advised to run the clear.bat before each run.



For installing Python download the suitable executable file from below:

install Python Win


Download the Extract it and run the “installer_4.bat” by double-clicking on it.

Afterward, download the simplus_vrep-master file from Simplus Github, and extract the downloaded file to the interested directory.

Run the bat file in simplus_vrep-master/easy_setup/windows/install.bat , to set up all the requirements(this setup includes prepared worlds, models, &, etc, while the setup is finished you will be asked to press a key to exit).

World setup

Run the bat file in simplus_vrep-master/easy_setup/windows/simulator_v4.bat.

In case the simulator is already open and you want to rerun your code you can just press the play button/start simulation button from CopelliaSim top menu bar and play button of the game manager instead of the previous step. It should be mentioned that you still need to do the instruction of the next section to run your code.

Run Python

The teams should use the client to control the robot and the server is responsible for other things prepared by the technical committee.

Remember to Stop the CoppeliaSim Simulator (by the CoppeliaSim Stop bottom) & Play again (by the CoppeliaSim Start bottom) before starting a new Run.

  • run run2_client.bat
  • run run2-server.bat

Run C/C++

This video tutorial covers the full process of install and run the server. If you are using mac or Ubuntu please skip the Cygwin installation process and take a look at Installation section. Also, It should be mention that after running the compilation script in ubuntu or mac, the player.dll will be replaced with player.dylib in mac and in ubuntu.

Install C/C++ compiler

Download the Cygwin and watch this video tutorial on how to install it properly.


The compilation process can be done using the provided script files which could be found in the easy_setup folder depending on your current OS. Double click on one of the following file.


The C/C++ client can be ran using the provided scripts which could be found in the easy_setup folder depending on your current OS.

  • run run2_client_cpp.bat
  • run run2-server.bat

Run Scratch

Based on your desired operating system go through  Run step above and  skip the client part (since the client would be the Scratch program), then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to (wait till the extension loads)
  2. Simplus blocks are located in the “More Blocks” tab and you can drag and drop them to the right scene
  3. In order to use the sample project, from the top menu click on File then load project and select the simplus_scratch.sbx file from simplus_vrep/client/scratch

Scratch sample code

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