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Robocup Junior Rescue Simulation Platform

Setup and Run – macOS

Setup and Run – macOS


In order to have a better understanding of how the installation and running are performed, we have provided a demo. Please have a look at the following video:

Approach 1 (Using Application) :


Approach 2 (Using Script):


In order to make the setup process easier, some applications and scripts are created. You can choose using applications or scripts. The Applications will be run by double-clicking on them and you can find the currently running application list on the mac’s top menu.

Applications status

You can close these applications using ‘close’ icon near them.


Using Application

Download the installer Application 

  • Double click on the “installer_v4” application and the server will be installed on the Desktop directory (You will receive a dialog pop up at the end of the installation process).
  • In case you face any error use installer_full Application and Double click on “installer_full_v4”.

Using Script

Download the installer Script.

  • Put the file where ever you want the simplus package to be installed.
  • Open the terminal and write “sh “, drag and drop the “” file to the terminal then press enter
  • The installation path should not include any ” “, if there were any, the simplus will be installed in the path shown at the end of the installation (you can easily cut the “simplus_vrep” folder and place it wherever you want after the installation is finished).
  • In case you face any error use and repeat step 3.


Go to the simplus_vrep/simplus_mac directory and follow one of the two following approaches(Application or Script).

Using Application

Double click on the “Simplus”.

Troubleshooting: In case you didn’t see simplus panel, please Double click on the “Simplus2” file in the same folder or watch this video!

Using Script

Open the terminal in the path and write:


You should see the Simplus panel then:

Upload code

First, choose your programming language and then choose your file from where ever it is on your computer and then press upload


This is a necessary step if you are using the C/C++ programming language, although it will run your python client and print the errors in case your code is not working well.


Press this button every time you want to “Run” the competition again. It will make you sure that all the previous Runs are killed and everything is ready for a new Run!


First, press the “Run client” server and then after a few seconds press the “Run Server” button. Now you should see the robot move and do its task in the world.

Run Scratch client

Press the “Run Server” button  then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to (wait till the extension loads)
  2. Simplus blocks are located in the “More Blocks” tab and you can drag and drop them to the right scene
  3. In order to use the sample project, from the top menu click on File then load project and select the simplus_scratch.sbx file from simplus_vrep/client/scratch

Scratch sample code


In case you had any problems with the above information, visit the “Troubleshoot Setup and Run – macOS

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