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Robocup Junior Rescue Simulation Platform

Simplus panel

Simplus panel

In order to open the panel go to simplus_vrep and then choose one of the following directories based on your operating system.

  • simplus_win 
  • simplus_mac 
  • simplus_ubuntu

Double click on the “simplus” file and you should see the Simplus panel then:

Upload code

First, choose your programming language and then choose your file from where ever it is on your computer and then press upload


This is a necessary step if you are using the C/C++ programming language, although it will run your python client and print the errors in case your code is not working well.


Press this button every time you want to “Run” the competition again. It will make you sure that all the previous Runs are killed and everything is ready for a new Run!


First, press the “Run client” server and then after a few seconds press the “Run Server” button. Now you should see the robot move and do its task in the world.

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